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Fund Raising Program

Want to raise funds for your organization?

We’d love to help you reach your goal!

This program is designed for clubs, organizations and non-profits as a means of raising funds for your group or charity.

Simply Scarves will assort one (1) dozen increments.

These are the same beautiful scarves as featured on the web site.

The cost is $4 each or $48 per dozen, plus shipping.

It is suggested that scarves be sold at $10 each. 

For every 12 scarves sold, your organization will generate $72 in profit

Order as many dozens as you would like

California residents, submit a non-profit tax ID number and no sales tax will be charged.

Sales Kit

To help you get started right away, we offer a Sales Kit.

The Sales Kit includes:  $12, plus shipping

1 each white plastic scarf hanger (holds 28 scarves)

1 each zipped cover for hanger and scarves

24 each small sale bags

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